Gratis pakkeshop levering

Every piece of SCHERNING jewellery is unique

· treat with love and care ·

Porcelain from Portugal
All of our porcelain is made by hand in quaint Ansiäo, located between Lisbon and Porto in Portugal.

To produce the delicate porcelain pieces, the porcelain clay is kneaded with dye/colour and cast in tiny moulds. After the first initial firing, the pieces are glazed one by one before a second firing. Each piece is then hand decorated before the third and final firing.

Only then the delicate porcelain pendants are ready to become a piece of SCHERNING jewellery.

Enamel Lacquer
Our jewellery collections are well known for being quite colourful.

The enamel lacquer we use to make the colours vibrant and stunning, is meticulously applied by hand to every single piece – two times.

This process, carried out in our Copenhagen workshop, is done by hand and natural variations may occur from one piece of jewellery to another.

Sterling Silver 925
All of our jewellery is exclusively made using Sterling Silver. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Fine silver, 100% pure silver, is relatively soft and actually not at all suitable for making jewellery.

All of the Sterling silver we use is stamped with ’925’ indicating its purity, as well as our brand stamp SCH - which is registered with the Danish Hallmarking Convention of Precious Metals.

All of our jewellery is 100% nickel free.

Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Our gold plated jewellery is made of Sterling Silver plated with 22K gold.

Gold plating (gilding) is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold on the surface of another material – in this case Sterling Silver. Gilding is quite durable, however over time, the durability will highly depend on the care you take with the jewellery.